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How does polarizing work?:

Multi-layer Polycarbonate Construction:

Advanced manufacturing techniques allow the Bi-Focal element to be formed on the inside layer of the lens, making it virtually undetectable from the front.

Lens Color Technolgy

Our lens-tint technology centers around visible light transmission, or VLT (the amount of light reaching the eye after passing through the lens), and is measured as a percentage. “All purpose” sunglass lenses typically range in VLT from 15-25%, sunglasses designed for high glare situations, such as crossing a glacier, have a range in VLT from 4-10%. Water sport sunglasses generally have a VLT between 10-20%.

Amber Lens
Brown Lens
Copper Lens
Gray Lens
Green Mirror
Red Mirror
Blue Mirror

Photocromic Technology

Our Polarsensor Sunglasses constantly adjust their level of tint in reaction to the changing light conditions. Our polarized, 100 percent UVA and UVB protection comes at a fraction of the cost of most photochromic eyewear. Fisherman Eyewear brand photochromic lenses adjust over their full visible light range (VLT) – from virtually colorless to heavily tinted – in less than 10 seconds.

Photocrhomic graphic

Photochromic Amber

Best in low-light conditions or when high contrast is desired. VLT 10-30%

Photochromic Brown

Great all-around lens. Provides both true color and excellent contrast. VLT 9-24%

Photochromic Gray

Full color spectrum transmission for the truest perception of color. VLT 12-32%